The Lake George Star Fleet races at the Northern Lake George Yacht Club in Hague, NY. The club is a family oriented club with an active junior racing program and race team. Please visit the club website here.

The Lake George Star Fleet

Hague, New York, USA

Home of the Lake George Star Fleet

Welcome to the home of the Lake George Star Fleet of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA). The fleet, known by the fleet symbol LG, is in the 12th District, the Northeastern Lakes District.


Organized in 1934, the Lake George Star Fleet has been home to a variety of racing, from casual weekend races to the highest levels of international competition. Our sailors have raced in the Olympics and Worlds Championships. Our fleet hosted the 1998 North American Championships. Several of our sailors have won the District Championships, including the current defending champions, Rick and Clark Dhein.


For many years the Lake George Open has attracted some of the best sailors in the Northeast. We have missed a few years, but we've kept bringing it back. Please come to this year's Lake George Open on July 29 & 30, 2017.

2017 Hank Rowan Lake George Open!


July 29 & 30, 2017


Results here


The storied Lake George Open changed in two important ways for 2017.


First, the Lake George Star Fleet voted to rename the regatta in memory of Hank Rowan. Aside from his love of Star sailing, his love of Lake George, his generosity, his sportsmanship, and his racing skill, Hank was the man who kept the Lake George Open regatta going.


The second big change is the move from being a fall regatta to summer. Our club is an all volunteer club. It had become increasingly hard to find volunteers in the fall for all the many roles - race committee, mark boats, patrols, housing, meals, and coffee and beer to name a few.


Held on beautiful Lake George, the regatta features a casual atmosphere, Lake George winds, and some of the finest competition in the Northeast.


This year's regatta fell between the combined 12th Districts/NY States on Seneca Lake in Central NY and the Lake Sunapee Open in NH.



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