The Lake George Star Fleet races at the Northern Lake George Yacht Club in Hague, NY. The club is a family oriented club with an active junior racing program and race team. Please visit the club website here.

Lauren and John Barth

Peter and Marion Abell

Peter Marshall and Karen Bartlett

Charles Henderson c. 1935

The Lake George Star Fleet

Hague, New York, USA

History of the Lake George Star Fleet

Stars began racing on Lake George in the early 1930s. The Lake George Star Fleet (LG) was chartered by the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA) in 1934. The Lake George Star Fleet is in ISCYRA District 12, the Northeastern Lakes District.


There is also a Star fleet at the southern end of Lake George known as the Southern Lake George Star Fleet (SLG). That fleet has been inactive for many years.


Stars first raced on Lake George in association with the Roger's Rock Club in Ticonderoga, NY. In 1940, the fleet moved to waters a few miles to the south at Friend's Point. The fleet became associated with the Northern Lake George Yacht Club (NLGYC) where they still race today. With the exception of 1944 and 1945 during WWII, the Stars have raced and awarded a season trophy since 1934.

LGSF Sailors at National and World Events


1934 Worlds, San Francisco

Harry Meislahn and R. Bowden in Sunbeam, 6th place. (Harry was sailing out of Moriches Bay at the time. He later became a member of the LGSF).


1936 Worlds, Lake Ontario at Rochester

Sloan Wilson and C. Miller in #1119 (fleet star)


1942 Worlds, Lake Michigan - War-Time Skipper Series

Ralph Craig and B. Bomboy, 7th place.


1945 Worlds, Central Long Island Sound - War-Time Skipper Series

Ralph Craig and B. Bomboy, 15th place.


1963 North Americans, Rye, NY

Harry Meislahn and Findley Meislahn #3972


1964 Worlds, Boston Harbor

Ralph Earl and Susan Earl #4604 Astronaut


1970 North Americans, Rockport MA

Hank Rowan and Del Dhein #5157, 12th place.


1971 North Americans, Biscayne Bay

Hank Rowan and Robert Q. Buss #5630, 12th place.


1971 Worlds - Puget Sound, Seattle

Hank Rowan and Del Dhein #5630, 20th place


1972 Worlds, Caracas Venezuela

Hank Rowan and Del Dhein #5630, 14th place


1972 North Americans

Hank Rowan and Alden Bryan #5630, 4th place (1rst place in 5th race)


1973 Worlds, San Diego Bay

Hank Rowan and Rick Burgess #5630, 21rst place (1rst place in first race)


1973 North Americans, Chesapeake Bay

Hank Rowan and Del Dhein #5630, 19th place.


1975 Worlds, Lake Michigan

Dick Bliss and Dick Rottier #5852


1975 North Americans, Mobile Bay

Hank Rowan and Del Dhein #5630, 3rd place.


1976 Worlds, Nassau

Hank Rowan and Rick Burgess #5946, 14th place.


1976 North Americans, Boston

Hank Rowan and Rick Burgess  #5946, 15th place.


1990 Worlds, Cleveland

Hank Rowan and Rick Burgess #7520


1997 Worlds, Marblehead, MA

Rick Dhein and David Marshall #7663


1998 North Americans, Lake George, NY


10th - Rick Dhein and Keith Gardner #7663,

21rst - Hank Rowan and Glen Suplee #7734,

29th - Bob Krahulik and Jon Krahulik #7127,

31rst - Peter Marshall and John Barth #7498,

36th - Steve Rottier and Rick Rottier #7095,

45th - Janet Lawrence and Libby Lawrence #5946,

47th - Peter Abell and Edward Hicks #6419,

49th - Bob Wotton and Art Hatfield #6416.


2000 Worlds, Annapolis

Rick Dhein and Keith Gardner #7663

Winners of the Championship Cup of the Lake George Fleet

Presented in 1934 by Dr. Joseph Jaffer and Dr. James A. Corscaden



1934 Count Em Up         Charles Henderson Jr

1935 Count Em Up         Charles Henderson Jr

1936 Selma                   Joel Pitcairn

1937 Red Jacket            Gertrude Alexanderson

1938 Le Panache            Sloan Wilson

1939 Winged Foot          R.C. Craig

1940 Winged Foot          R.C. Craig

1941 Winged Foot           R.C. Craig

1942 Winged Foot          R.C. Craig

1943 Ariel II                  George B. McAuliffe Jr

1944  Not Awarded

1945 Not Awarded

1946 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1947 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1948 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1949 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1950 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1951 Sunbeam II             Harry Meislahn

1952 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1953 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1954 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1955 Sunbeam II            Harry Meislahn

1956 Sunbeam 3             Harry Meislahn

1957 Whim                    Don Marquis    (engraved on trophy as 1958)

1958 Sunbeam IV           Harry Meislahn

1959 Sunbeam IV           Harry Meislahn

1960 Sunbeam IV           Harry Meislahn

1961 Whim                    Don Marquis

1962 Gypsy                   Dick Bliss

1963 Sunbeam IV           Skip Meislahn

1964 Astronaut              Ralph Earl

1965 Riot                      Hank Rowan

1966 Sunbeam IV           Harry & Skip Meislahn

1967 Riot                      Hank Rowan

1968 Riot                      Hank Rowan

1969 Riot                      Hank Rowan

1970 "Gypsy"                 Robert Wotton

1971 "Riot III"                Hank Rowan

1972 Riot IV                  Hank Rowan

1973 Riot IV                  Hank Rowan

1974 Riot IV                  Hank Rowan

1975 Riot IV                  Hank Rowan

1976 Riot V                   Hank Rowan

1977 Riot V                   Hank Rowan

1978 Riot V                   Hank Rowan

1979 Riot VI                  Hank Rowan

1980 Riot VI                  Hank Rowan

1981 Riot VI                   Hank Rowan

1982 Riot VI                  Hank Rowan

1983 Riot VI                  Hank Rowan

1984 Uncle Don              Skip Meislahn

1985 Riot VII                 Hank Rowan

1986 Uncle Don              Skip Meislahn

1987 Riot VII                 Hank Rowan

1988 Uncle Don              Skip Meislahn

1989 Uncle Don              Skip Meislahn

1990 Riot VIII                Hank Rowan

1991 Riot VIII                 Hank Rowan

1992 Riot VIII                Hank Rowan

1993 Riot VIII                Hank Rowan

1994 Riot IX                   Hank Rowan

1995 Riot IX                   Hank Rowan

1996 Riot IX                   Hank Rowan

1997 My Horse II            Rick Dhein

1998 Yankee                   Bob, Pete, Dave Marshall

1999 My Horse II            Rick Dhein

2000 My Horse III          Rick Dhein

2001 Riot IX                   Hank Rowan

2002 My Horse III          Rick Dhein

2003 Attila                     Steve Rottier

2004 Ragtime Two           Peter Abell

2005 Yankee                   Bob, Pete, Dave Marshall

2006 Riot X                    Hank Rowan

2007 Riot X                    Hank Rowan

2008 Yankee                   Pete Marshall, John Barth

2009 Attila                     Steve Rottier

2010 Zero Hedge             Ed Gardner

2011 Yankee                     Pete Marshall

2012 Riot X                     Gendron / Huffman

2013 Yankee                    P. Marshall / L. Barth

2014 Yankee                    P. Marshall / L. Barth


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